Network Canada  
Network Canada Inc. is a Canadian firm founded by Kenneth Zaifman in 1988. Network provides comprehensive, effective and efficient immigration services to individuals in Canada and abroad. Network also assists Canadian employers to fill their labour market needs through foreign recruitment.

Network is a team of educated professionals, comprised of Immigration and Human Resource advisors with many years of experience working in the immigration field. Our experience has led to valuable insight into Canada`s business and labour market needs. Members of our staff can communicate with you in Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Ukrainian, Russian, German and Portuguese.

We assist individuals destined to any province in Canada with applications under the Federal Immigration Program and/or various Provincial Nominee Programs. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we take pride in utilizing the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to assist skilled workers and business people interested in settling in our Province. We have assisted Manitoba companies in increasing their work force and expanding their business through foreign recruitment of skilled workers, and investment by Business Applicants.