Vardikos & Vardikos is an international law firm with affiliates and associates world-wide, whose involvement in the practice of law spans five generations. Established in Athens, Greece since 1888, our outstanding attorneys provide our international corporate clients and private individuals of high net worth with comprehensive, effective, personal legal services.

Vardikos & Vardikos is law firm whose involvement of law spans five generations and whose broad national and international clientele extends over Europe, the United States and South East Asia.The philosophy of the firm is that the best protection and the most responsive and insightful representation of clients are possible, only when legal experience is augmented by a high level of expertise and committed personal service. The firm seeks to provide its clients with the best possible protection. In this respect the firm has also developed association with other firms around the world and is able to assist its international clientele with global affairs. In order to assist clients, corporate or private, domestic or international the firm offers a broad range of services individually tailored to the requirements of each client.

Though we specialize in:
•Intellecutal Property Patents & Trademarks
•Establishment of foreign Shipping Companies in Greece
•Establishment of Foreign Commercial & Industrial Companies
•Maritime Law
•Yacht Registration
•Ship Registration
•Worldwide Company Formation
•Immigration Law
•Immigration Procedures by Investment

we also offer a Full Range of Legal Services.